Improve Your Facial Quality With Effective Lip Enhancement

One of the most common areas to receive an injection of a dermal filler is the lips. Women of all ages have thin lips and many want their lips to look fuller because they think they will look sexier. Using a filler as a volumizer will give a woman the appearance of plump lips for a few weeks or a few months.

While there are permanent injectable fillers for the lips, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons do not recommend them because they can form bumps under the surface of the lips. Often times, those bumps need to be surgically removed, which leaves behind marks and scarring.

The Benefits of Lip Enhancement

There are several reasons besides appearance for why women would want to use injections to enhance their lips. Some of the reasons include:
– To restore lips that have grown thinner or lost their shape.
– To correct lips that are turned down.
– To help hydrate lips.
– To fill in the lines along the upper lip.
– To redefine the borders of lips.

Women who have one of these problems may be good candidates for using lip injections. Consulting with an expert in the field is recommended before you have anyone inject a dermal filler in your lips or other areas of your face.

What to Expect with Lip Fillers

When your speaking to a physician about using injectable fillers, they will discuss with the different techniques that are available to you to get the best possible outcome from the treatments. While the treatments are relatively simple, there are some side effects and you may find out you’re allergic to the injections. However, if you do get the treatments, you will see results right away.

After filler is injected into the lips, the volume of your lips will increase right away. However, some of the volume you see at first will be enhanced due to swelling, but that will reduce within a few days. Not only will the lips look swollen, but they may feel hard for the first few days after the treatments as well.

To keep your lips from looking like a duck’s, your doctor shouldn’t overinject the lines that come down from your nose to your lips, which is called the philtrum. If your doctor overfills your lips using hyaluronic acid, there is a treatment that can be used to go in to dissolve the acid. This treatment involves injecting hyaluronidase into your lips. Depending on the filler that is used, your lips will look plumper from 10 weeks to six months.

You can reduce the chances of swelling and bruising from lip injections by avoid taking Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin a few days prior to your injections. You can also request that your doctor use Botox shots to relax the muscles around the lips to prevent the appearance of permanent lines around your lips.