About Us

Clinic’estetica™, a state of the art aesthetic medical clinic was opened in March 2001 to meet the needs of individuals seeking non-surgical permanent and semi-permanent solutions for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, using a wide selection of products with proven safety and efficiency from around the world. Clinic’estetica™ chose to locate in Tijuana to take advantage of the city’s progressive attitude to medical innovation and Clinic’estetica™ operates at the cutting edge of the aesthetic medical frontier.

Clinic’estetica™ recognizes that much of the appearance of aging is attributed to the loss of volume, both soft tissue, muscle and bone, from the face. We believe that instead of just pulling and stretching the skin over the face, it is the plumping up of the face that adds that sought-after youthful appearance. Our revolutionary aesthetic medical products include a variety of non-surgical treatments that look and feel totally natural and that turn back the clock on aging. Implant materials play a major role in correcting facial and body deformities from congenital diseases and those acquired from trauma, medication or illness.

Clinic’estetica™ also believes that the techniques involved in cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive procedures are just as essential to the results as the materials that are used. For this reason Clinic’estetica™’s physicians have developed exclusive techniques that allow them to offer their patients aesthetic results of unparalleled excellence. Clinic’estetica™ believes that the healing and regenerative processes should prevail over the merely aesthetic concept and consistently delivers the highest standards in quality and care. Today, adults of all ages take serious interest in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures as a way to enhance personal well-being. Clinic’estetica™’s non-surgical aesthetic procedures offer affordable, convenient, noninvasive options for individuals to gain a greater balance between the way they feel and the way they look.